About our Vicar

Al Ain Parish is honoured to have Byju Achen to Pastor and Shepherd its activities

Rev.Byju Eapen hails from Punnavely and is a member of St.James C S I parish Punnavely. He graduated B D from Gurukul Lutheran Theological College fro Chennai in 2011 and was ordained in the same year as deacon and as presbyter in 2012 . He served as Vicar and as missionary in charge of kuttanadu Misision from 2011-2014 and later served as the First Missionary in the Odisha Mission from 2014-2016.

His wife Mrs. Susan Mary Mathew is from C S I Christ Church Kodukulanji.

Al Ain Parish is honoured to have byju achen to pastor and shepherd its activities . We wish Achen the very best during his ministry here.


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